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Modern Fitted Wardrobes with interior LED lighting

This is a 2 part fitted wardrobe we recently designed and built in the New Forest.

The wardrobes were to be built over the full width of the room (4.28m or 14 feet) and so that no visible joins were left in the floor and ceiling scribes we decided to build a post, off centre, allowing the door combinations to be most efficient with the openings. This also meant that both ends could be accessed at the same time without the doors colliding.

From left to right, this design allowed for the following:

  • Bay 1 - ladies hanging space

  • Bay 2 - ladies hair & makeup with soft close drawers and cupboard door incl 2x double sockets with USB ports

  • Bay 3 - ladies shelving for folded items, shoes & bags

  • Bay 4 - folded items, shoes & bags with hanging space

  • Bay 5 - folded items with hanging space

The top shelf was also for hand bags and general storage and the whole ceiling scribe was lit with cool white LED lighting to illuminate the whole wardrobe.

LED cool white lighting inside ceiling scribe.

Scroll through the images below to see the various stages of build from start to finish:

We always discuss every detail with our customer to ensure they get the very best result from their new fitted wardrobe. There is an array of door designs available on the market as well as tailor made options so contact us today for your free, no obligation quote.

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